Who We Are?
We are from Hong Kong. We love travelling & shooting. We believe life is a gift. A gift for you & me to experience & explore...
We just make what we like here. There’re a lot of different styles, colors & patterns gadgets. If you like it, just buy it!

About !mo Strap
!mo = In My Opinion
Our straps & products are:
Personality + Functionality

Our straps are tested to hold heavy stuffs, so, no worries!!!
They are tested to hold up to 90 lbs [Tested by Intertek Testing Services Hong Kong Limited] #.

The end of our straps are made with genuine leather. & for neoprene straps, they are bottomed up with neoprene with different patterns [which are more comfortable]. You can take off the main strap when using on a tripod. & for the brown webbing on the camera, you can use it as a handle.

Our Wish
We wish to see our straps & products could to be pictured in every beautiful scene all over the world. Please bring along with !mo wherever you go! Let’s come & share a photo with us!
Enjoy ~~

Our Address
iMax Marketing Global Ltd.
Unit A, 15/F, Block A, 
Tak Lee Industrial Centre, No. 8 Tsing Yeung Circuit, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 5104 4508
Fax: (852) 2125 7616

!mo is wholly-owned by iMax Marketing Global Limited.

“From the rising of the sun to its going down, The Lord’s name is to be praised.”


# Tested in September, 2016, Intertek Testing Services Hong Kong Ltd.

Hong Kong Government Recognized Service Supplier & Approved Laboratory of The Woolmark Company

Members of :

American National Standards Institute, Hong Kong Association for Testing, Inspection and Certification Ltd., American Society for Testing and Materials, Hong Kong Toys Council & British Standards Institute

Disclaimer: iMo camera straps are designed in Hong Kong and handmade in China. They are strong and sturdy. Though they are tested to hold up to 90 lbs, it does not mean we recommend it, please don't try it. iMo camera straps are designed to be worn for professional / causal photo shooting in a normal situation. Please do NOT exert too much stress on iMo camera strap during wear [ moving it around quickly, excessive downward force placed on the strap by jumping or dropping the camera, etc].
If you observe abnormal break(s) of the strap, please contact us at [email protected]. iMax Marketing Global Ltd is not responsible or liable for damages for your camera, lens, flash and or filters if your strap breaks.